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Neters/personality parts
The Committee Suit gives visual representation to the many different parts of your personality.  Some you will be aware of and some may surprise you or make you uncomfortable to acknowledge.  The majority of your cards will probably be in this suit as they are generally easily accessible.  


Persons and Places

The Community Suit consists of people that are part of your world.  Relatives, teachers, famous figures that have guided you or affected you and for whom you have an affinity.   Also, special places in your life such as a family cabin, vacation spot or historical monument that are meaningful.

Archetypal Suit

Here is where you will find cards that have more universal themes.   These cards are often connected to a mental image inherited from the earliest human ancestors, and supposed to be present in the collective unconscious.  The Warrior, The Creator, The Judge, Gaia/Earth Mother, Healer, The Fool,The Artist are some of these.  

The Energetic Suit

The Companion Suit are connected to the energy centers of your body which are based on the ancient yogic system called Chakras.  In the practice of SoulCollage® these are predominantly animals, though some find a tree or other sort of living representation of that chakra's energy.  Though connected to the 7 chakras, you may find you have other animals that are guides for you unconnected to a particular chakra.  This suit can be the most challenging to work with and is generally the suit that takes the longest to build.







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